Rivers in France Information

This section includes description and details about French rivers. You will be able to find various information about a selection of the most important rivers in France. It is obviously not a comprehensive description of all the rivers in France but the most famous French rivers are present, either for their economical, touristic or historical characteristics.

They all have their own characteristics and offer plenty of water activities. The Seine River contributes to give Paris its worldwide renowned unique romantic atmosphere, while the Loire River is foremost known for its surrounding châteaux. The Midi Canal for its part is both an outstanding technical engineering work and one of the most popular pleasure waterways in Europe.

A river property will delight fishermen but also nature lovers. Be it near quiet watercourses or bustling torrents, they will allow you to benefit from a 'green' lifestyle within preserved surroundings. If you are interested in buying a river property in France, please use the search box opposite. Below is a selection of the most popular French rivers.